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Krink vs. Dior: Mean Intervention!

One of the most recent interventions by urban artist Glitsh is very mean! It’s a red nail varnish bomb! Or what would you say if you had some Krink in your nail varnish tank?

KR Interview

KR recently designed an Apple notebook sleeve in his unique drip-style. This short video, which contains some statements by him, tries to explain, why...

Mini meets KRink Video

Some days ago, Craig “KR” Costello and Mini presented a nice customized Mini Cooper with stylish silver drips on black metal. Now, a video clip was published...

KRink Styled Mini Cooper

Yeah, it drips! New York-based street artist KR was in Hamburg yesterday and customized a Mini Cooper in his very own style. Here are photos of the “krinked” car...

Levi’s & Urban Art

It’s very interesting to see, how multi-national fashion labels use street art and graffiti for their advert campaigns. Also jeans fabricator Levi’s goes with the trend...

Urban Mag – Krink, A Hidden Champion

Craig “KR” Costello is currently on everyone's lips. The American graffiti artists is now also on the cover of the Japanese urban magazine “Hidden Champion”! Get your issue here...

Dripping with KR in Hamburg

KR is in Hamburg! Next week, he will present his recent graffiti artworks and the car, he painted in cooperation with auto-manufacturer Mini! Interested?


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