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concrete chair furniture

Concrete Chair – Urban Interior

Urban Furniture: This concrete chair by Swiss designer Stefan Zwicky is a masterpiece of urban-inspired interior and a must to have for me!

Pinhole Camera Apartment

Urban Pinhole Camera Apartment

Paris-based photographers Romain Alary and Antoine Levi created a pinhole camera apartment based on the principle of the Camera Obscura!

living room art tour

Danny Doom Living Room Art Tour

Living room art adds warmth – you can read that in every interior design mag. For that reason and because some people will probably call it the most brilliant invention since there are...

extinguisher graffiti

New Banksy, Huge Murals, Edible Spray Paint & a Beer Fountain

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to write about all the great things taking place around the world. This is a small collection of new murals, fantastic sculptures, installations and other dope street art and graffiti things!


Exhibitions, Urban Interior, Murals & Hipster Traps

Nothing happened here during the last couple of days, for what reason I had the idea to give you a small overview about the latest, worldwide street art and graffiti news...


Spray-Can Chair: Mad-700

Famous graffiti artist MadC had another nice example of graffiti-inspired interior design built! She now has her own chair which consist of about 100 empty spray-cans...


Fat Cap Chair – Graffiti Design

This fall, “The Original Fat Cap Chair” by industrial designer Sander van Heukelom will be ready to buy. As its name suggest, it’s a handmade fiber glass chair formed as a fat cap nozzle...

Letters Designer Bookshelf

Industrial design meets typography - I love typography and I like typography-inspired design. Dutch designer Pieter de Leeuw recently created a great bookshelf out of letters...


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