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Urban Multimedia Art: The Solution Is Irrelevant

Curated by 44flavours and Clemens Behr the group installation The Solution Is Irrelevant will take place tonight at Berlin’s Epicentro Artspace, Karl-Marx-Allee 82-84! Urban Multimedia Art The Solution Is Irrelevant, is meant to...

Free Pussy Riot - Mentalgassi

Free Pussy Riot in Berlin – Mentalgassi

Free Pussy Riot! Berlin-based street art collective Mentalgassi joins the Global Pussy Riot Day today with one of their brilliant urban faces installations.

Bosso Fataka - Cling Wrap Sculptures

Bosso Fataka – Cling Wrap Sculptures

The Berlin-based guerilla art crew Bosso Fataka creates cling wrap sculptures in public space. Recently ReutersTV featured them in a video!

Olek - Yarn Bombed Einstein

Yarn-Bombed Albert Einstein

Guerilla crochet artist Olek recently yarn-bombed the Albert Einstein Memorial at the National Academy of Science in Washington DC...

Vinz in Valencia

Urban Micro Gardens, Hidden Shops, Amazing Murals & Awesome Tape Art

The monthly Urban Art Link-Tips feature urban micro gardens, hidden shops, amazing murals, awesome tape art and much more. Check this out!

daim 3d sand graffiti

Sand Graffiti: DAIM on the Beach

DAIM built his own 3D sand graffiti installation on a beach somewhere in Germany! 6 hours of work, destroyed within 30 minutes by the sea!

Street Lamp Light Switch in Berlin

Street Lamp Light Switch

The Cheesecake Powerhouse installed a street lamp light switch in the streets of Berlin, allowing people to power on or off the street lamp!

guerilla paint sculpture

Guerrilla Paint Sculpture

Belgian paint manufacturer Levis just came up with a new urban advert campaign and transformed a lamppost into a guerrilla paint sculpture!


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