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futura hennessy limited edition

Graffiti Master Interview: Futura 2000 for Hennessy

Graffiti master Futura 2000 was interviewed by Hennessy because of their latest cognac-bottle collaboration. This is the full interview!

Modern Dopeness - Illustration Styles

Modern Dopeness – Contemporary Berlin Illustration Styles

Next month, Danny Doom, Hr.v.Bias, Ink-a-zoid and other Berlin-based artist present their latest Berlin illustration works in one show: Modern Dopeness!

jakob tolstrup - studio visit

Jakob Tolstrup Studio-Visit

With Danish artist Jakob Tolstrup in Berlin, the Gemran capital got another attraction! His paintings are humorous illustrated caricatures of modern society. I just visited his studio...

living room art tour

Danny Doom Living Room Art Tour

Living room art adds warmth – you can read that in every interior design mag. For that reason and because some people will probably call it the most brilliant invention since there are...

style needs no color - book

Style needs no Color – Urban Illustration

Style Needs No Color works on the notion that excessive colors and flashy techniques should not be used to repair a weak foundation. It’s a perfect book for fans of urban-inspired illustration...

jakob tolstrup - Works of Art

Jakob Tolstrup, Works of Art Exhibition

Last Friday, Danish artist Jakob Tolstrup opened his Work of Art solo-show at Voo Store in Berlin, presenting his latest Berlin inspired drawings and paintings...

amateur magazine

Amateur, Swiss Urban Art Mag

The latest issue of Amateur Magazine, an independent print publication with an open eye on Swiss and international urban art, illustration, design, DIY cultures and streetwear, is the first part of the books and magazines special!


Amateur Magazine Preview

Amateur Magazine is an interesting urban art, illustration, design and culture magazine on a high level. Recently I received the last two issues and took some preview shots...


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