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Herakut Mural Mannheim

New Herakut Train Tracks Mural in Germany

Brothers helping Sisters helping... - German urban art duo Herakut just painted a new massive train tracks mural in Mannheim. Take a look!

Herakut Mural Norway

Herakut Mural in Norway

German urban art duo Herakut went big last year at Nuart festival in Norway and created a massive mural. This video documents the process!


Herakut Mural Time Lapse

Herakut is probably the most famous German urban art duo. Back in 2011, they traveled Los Angeles and created some amazing murals - this is the corresponding time lapse video!


Herakut Book: After The Laughter

German urban art books publisher Publikat is going to publish the second book about the most popular German urban art duo Herakut! With 240 fully collaged pages it gives detailed insights into their creative process...


Herakut Mural – CityLeaks Festival

Famous urban art duo Hera and Akut recently created a new mural - this time in Cologne, as a part of the currently running CityLeaks urban art festival! It’s a real eye-catcher again and definitely worth to check it out...


Herakut Installation in Newcastle

Famous urban art duo Herakut recently created a dope installation in Newcastle. While painting a room at OneThirty3 they also talked about their work, the intention behind the installation and other stuff... Watch the entire interview now!


Mother’s Day, Paint Club, Herakut Murals, Tagzines & Modern Saints

A lot of great urban art stuff happed around the globe in the last week, for what reason I try to give you a small overview with these link-tips, including new murals, urban interventions and other info...


Herakut in Yekaterinburg

Famous German urban art duo Herakut recently hit the streets of the Russian city of Yekaterinburg and created a new, nice mural artwork in a children protectory...


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