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Anthony Lister in Brisbane

Fluffy Spray-Cans, a Tube Tent, a Subvertising Project & Rail Bikes

Urban Art Link-Tips, including fluffy spray-can toys, a tube tent, a subvertising project in London, rail bikes and more urban art stuff!

open streets graffiti documentary

Open Streets – Post Graffiti Documentary Trailer

Put together by French ShockFilms collective, the Open Streets documentary explores reasons behind what is called post graffiti or urban art!

bomb it 2 - graffiti-film

Global Graffiti Documentary: Bomb It 2, Fall 2012

The global graffiti documentary Bomb It 2 is coming to screens this fall! In sequel to Bomb It Jon Reiss travels the global graffiti scene.

tomcat tag

Bombing the City with Tags & Throws.

The new Tags and Throws project focuses on fundamental street graffiti, capturing the bombing scene of the world today. One artist at a time!

monokrome graffiti design book

Monokrome – Black and White Graffiti Book

Packed with sketches, inked line work and mixed media, the black and white graffiti book Monokrome includes world class graffiti designs!

titi freak graffiti

Update: Top 20 Urban Art Photographers

The list of the top 20 urban art photographers includes the protagonists of street art and graffiti documentarists from around the globe!


Lego Graffiti

Shooting a Lego graffiti stop-motion video is quite a lot work, I’m pretty sure. This video shows a Lego guy painting a train panel in the yard during night-time...


Graffiti Art Awards 2011

Awards are always a good chance for artists to become popular. The Graffiti Art Awards 2011 by French Graffiti Art Magazine are no exception, so vote your favorite urban artists now!


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