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mos london 2011

Meeting of Styles 2011 Review

Including around 60 handpicked graffiti artists painting walls, canvases, and boards throughout the day to a backdrop of hip-hop, reggae, ska and more, this year’s Meeting of Styles looks like a big success...

blo mural berlin

Blo – New Mural in Berlin

Painting a whole week, Da Mental Vaporz member and well-known graffiti artist Blo recently finished a new, huge mural in Berlin! Here are some nice insights of the entire creation process...!

brian david stevens graffiti

London Graffiti – Leake St Tunnel

London’s Leake St Tunnel is a Mecca for writers and graffiti artists from all over the British capital and also attracts loads of tourists since it became legal to paint inside the tunnel in 2008...


Alex Fakso – Graffiti Photography Book

Alex Fakso is probably one of the best graffiti action photographers worldwide. After his first graffiti book “Heavy Metal” he recently published “Fast or Die” showing more writers in action...


Graffiti Action: Nychos in Berlin

Nychos, one of the most famous Austrian graffiti artists, recently visited Berlin, for what reason I caught up with him on the roof of an abandoned building to document his creativity process...


London Graffiti: Titi Freak in Action

In October 2010, I had the luck to watch São Paulo-born graffiti artist Titi Freak spray-painting a brick wall in London. Of course I took some photos of him in action...


Graffiti Action: Nychos Photo-Series

Vienna-based graffiti artist Nychos visited London last month and created some new artworks on the streets and on the roofs of the British capital. I met him and took some photos of his graffiti action...


Jon Naar – Graffiti Photography

Photojournalist Jon Naar was one of the pioneers of graffiti documentary. His legendary “The Faith Of Graffiti” book documents the early days of tags and graffiti in New York City...


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