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MadC Layers, Graffiti Exhibition

MadC Layers: Famous German graffiti artist MadC will open her next graffiti exhibition in Dortmund at the end of the week. Here are some first details...

train graffiti germany

Train Graffiti, My Dirty Hobby

German train-writing: The best little train graffiti video, from start to finish and including a brilliant finish, I’ve seen for a while!

daim 3d sand graffiti

Sand Graffiti: DAIM on the Beach

DAIM built his own 3D sand graffiti installation on a beach somewhere in Germany! 6 hours of work, destroyed within 30 minutes by the sea!

montana acrylic marker set

Win Your Montana Acrylic Marker Set!

Win Your Montana Acrylic Marker Set! Together with Inflammable.com we’re going to give away three Montana Acrylic Marker Sets - get yours!


Rasta Dubstep Graffiti Performance

Dubstep, spray cans, brush and paint join forces and unite with latest digital production techniques - that’s the Symbiz Sound music video!


Taken By A Vandal – Graffiti in 3D

Vandal Graffiti - Eighteen of the most recognized and respected German graffiti writers filmed themselves using head cameras! This is their graffiti documentary in 3D!

graphic surgery bauhaus

Abstract Graffiti: Graphic Surgery in Dresden

As a part of the CityBilder project, famous abstract graffiti duo Graphic Surgery just finished painting a new mural in Dresden, Germany. The black and white piece is called Bauhaus...


Base23 & Morten Andersen – Hell Hounds from the North

Two well-known urban artists will exhibit together in one gallery at the end of this month: Pretty Portal Gallery shows the “Hell Hounds from the North” Base23 and Morten Andersen - Make some noise!


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