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1UP Graffiti TV

1UP Graffiti TV

One United Power, that the 1UP crew from Berlin-Kreuzberg and this is their 1UP graffiti TV channel, presenting plenty of graffiti action!

Artbase 2012 - Urban Art Festival

Artbase 2012 – Berlin’s Urban Art Festival

The Artbase 2012 urban art festival is going to take place at Berlin’s abandoned NSA station Teufelsberg at the end of August! It’s a must!

platoon graffiti gentrification

Urban Culture Talk: Graffiti equals Gentrification?!

Platoon in Berlin is going to open their new headquarter with a controversial debate discussing questions like: Does graffiti trigger gentrification? or How does creative street culture cause social restructuring?

Mare139 Berlin Exhibition

Physical Graffiti by Mare139

New York-based graffiti artist Mare139 is going to show his latest B-Boy dance artwork series in Berlin tomorrow - Here’s a sneak peek!

nug tag mirror

Tags in a Mirror – Nug in Berlin

Famous performance graffiti artist Nug opened his Berlin tagging show last Saturday. I got some first impressions of his tags in a mirror!

nug graffiti action

Nug Tagging Exhibition in Berlin!

Skalitzers Gallery in Berlin presents infamous Swedish artist Nug. Join us for opening of the show, exploring the role of tagging within contemporary art!

James Bullough - Berlin Mural

Photo-Realistic Murals in Berlin – James Bullough

Berlin-based American urban artist James Bullough is currently painting two photo-realistic murals in Berlin. This is the corresponding photo-story!

Giants Mural by James Bullough

James Bullough – On the Shoulders of Giants

US-American urban artist James Bullough is currently painting two massive giant murals in the Torstrasse 111 art space in Berlin. I just visited him and took some photos!


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