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remi rough - skull painting

Howto Use Colour & Manipulate People

How to Use Colour and Manipulate People is the latest solo-show by famous abstract graffiti artist Remi Rough. Here are some insights...

Berlin Gallery Contest

Idrawalot Exhibition Contest

Always wanted to exhibit in Berlin? Idrawalot Gallery is hosting an exhibition contest, rewarding the top artists with a group show in their showroom!

inside clemens behr

Inside a Clemens Behr Installation

Clemens Behr is well-known for his cardboard street installations not just in Europe. Recently he created a massive, accessible new installation in the show-room of Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin. Awesome!


Simplicity in Urban Art

Simplicity is often difficult, usually undefined and always rare. That fact is examined by the Simple is Rare exhibition at Berlin’s Neurotitan Gallery, presenting a group of talented young urban-influenced artists!

aryz hello world

Aryz – Hello World Exhibition

Aryz, one of the most famous urban artists around the world, opened his Hello World exhibition at the Montana Gallery in Barcelona just a few days ago, presenting oil paintings and drawings...


London’s Most Public Gallery

London’s most famous public art gallery at Village Underground is turning five years old, for what reason they try to evolve by transforming their walls into an permanent art space...

boxi lazarides london

Boxi at Lazarides, Photos

Famous stencil artist Boxi opened his Time Of The Signs exhibition in London’s Lazarides gallery just a few days ago, showing some of his well-known stencil artworks! Here are first photos...

pure evil

Interview: Pure Evil London

Pure Evil is not just urban artist but one of the most influential gallery owners in Europe. His Pure Evil Gallery is cross-border well-known for presenting top artists from around the globe. Spine TV recently visited his rooms...


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