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futura hennessy limited edition

Graffiti Master Interview: Futura 2000 for Hennessy

Graffiti master Futura 2000 was interviewed by Hennessy because of their latest cognac-bottle collaboration. This is the full interview!


Graffiti Documentary: Graffiti is Freedom?

“Getting Up” is an interesting graffiti documentary from 2008. Some of the major players from the United States talk about their idea of graffiti, styles and freedom...

Graffiti Fine-Art: Futura 2000

Futura 2000 is an internationally acclaimed graffiti artist. His new style and his progressive way of creating artworks made him really interesting for me. Watch him painting...

Futura 2000 by Ruedi One

Iconic graffiti photographer Ruedi One was there when Futura 2000 made some of the spray-paint artworks for his recent “Odyssey Two” exhibition in Berlin...

futura 2000 sketch

Futura 2000 Interview

During the opening of his recent “Odyssey Two” exhibition in berlin, graffiti legend Futura 2000 had some time to answer some questions. Watch the video interview...

Futura 2000 Photos

Yesterday, Futura 2000’s “Odyssey Two” graffiti exhibition started in Berlin! I was there and took some photos of the inspiring spray paintings and sketches...

Futura 2000 – Odyssey Two in Berlin

The well-known graffiti legend Futura 2000 will start his new exhibition today. If you are interested in 20 years of urban art pioneer’s work, you should go to the opening!


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