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Evol Stencil Art in Warsaw

Evol Stencil Art Buildings in Warsaw

Famous stencil artist Evol just hit Warsaw. Together with Monstfur, he created another of his well-known, fabulous stencil art villages!

evol stencil art london

Evol in London

Famous stencil artist Evol recently hit the streets of London! For a few days now, a new stencil art city can be found near Smithfield Market in the British capital. Check this out!


Evol’s New Stencil City

Evol did some great new stencil artworks over there in Norway as a part of the Nuart Festival 2010. If you love his amazing detailed artworks like I do, take a look and be impressed!


Making-Of: Evol Stencil Art

It’s always interesting to see how artists create their artworks. This video shows how stencil artist Evol create his stencil artworks...


Digital Graffiti, Rooftop Burner Fund & Interviews

Although the big street art hype seems to be over, there’s still a lot creative action in the urban environment around the globe. Here are actual news and some nice impressions...

Evol & Pisa73 – New Stencil Artworks

The two famous stencil artists Evol and Pisa73 recently presented some new artworks at Wilde Gallery’s “Source/ Resource” exhibition in Berlin. Take a closer look...

Aerosol Fumes: Berlin’s Most Famous Stencil Artists

Since two days, Berlin is the world capital of stencil art! Urban artists Bohomaz, Czarnobyl, Emess, Evol and Pisa73 exhibit together in one show - “Aerosol Fumes”!


Aerosol Fumes – Top Stencil Artists

The next year will start hot! The five most well-known Berlin-based stencil artists will exhibit together in a fantastic group-show. Involved are Bohomaz, Czarnobyl, Emess, Evol and Pisa73...


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