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florian riviere - free exercise bike

Free Urban Exercise Bike

French urban hacktivist Florian Rivière just came up with a new urban hack: He shows a way to create free urban exercise bikes! Simply genius and again a nice way to delight people with public space tools...

24ghz project

2.4 GHz – Public Monitoring Art

Benjamin Gaulon creates public monitoring art by installing wireless video receiver in public space to hack into wireless CCTV cameras...!

moscow city portrait

Time-lapsed Moscow City Portrait

Moscow is beautiful, at least in this amazing time-lapse video by Belarusian photographer and film-maker zweizwei who portrait the Russian city!

filthy lucker - space invader

15 Meters Space Invader Game

Filthy Luker invades Manchester with 15 meters high fully interactive space invader game created using road work barriers and traffic cones!

Top of Shard Tower

Top Of Shard Tower

A few months ago, urban explorers climbed the Shard Tower in London! Now they published their impressing photos from the top of the Shard!

Urbex in Bulgaria

Urbex: Abandoned Communist UFO

The Buzludzha building in Bulgaria looks like a massive Communist UFO! Urban explorer Timothy Allen recently explored and photographed the abandoned, icebound dome...


Tarzan’s Giant Swimming Pool

The abandoned swimming pool Piscine Molitor in Paris, which was inaugurated by famous swimmer and Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller, will be destroyed this year. This is a tribute to the olympic champ!


Underbelly Paris, Abandoned Urban Art

Underbelly Paris brings the abandoned urban art gallery flair from New York to Europe. The crew for this time included both, heavyweights as well as relative newcomers on the urban art continuum...


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