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Emess City Music, Stockholm

Berlin-based street artist Emess, who is well-known especially for his nice stencil collages, came up with a new project back in 2010 which is called City Music. This public art project is about...


Eye Candy #13: Roa in Berlin, Exhibitions, Paper Cut Maps & Interviews

The thirteenth urban art eye candy post provides some links to really interesting interviews with urban artists, upcoming art exhibitions and nice impressions from the streets. Have a look!


Emess & Czarnobyl Live – United Colours

Two of Berlin’s most famous stencil artists, Czarnobyl and Emess, spray-painted live at the “United Colours” street art and graffiti festival and I took some nice photos...


Baroque Street Art, QR Codes & Urban Art Hot Seats

This is the next edition of Urban Artcore’s urban art eye candy series! In addition to very interesting street art and graffiti news, there are some nice impressions from the Urban Artcore Flickr-group...

Aerosol Fumes: Berlin’s Most Famous Stencil Artists

Since two days, Berlin is the world capital of stencil art! Urban artists Bohomaz, Czarnobyl, Emess, Evol and Pisa73 exhibit together in one show - “Aerosol Fumes”!


Aerosol Fumes – Top Stencil Artists

The next year will start hot! The five most well-known Berlin-based stencil artists will exhibit together in a fantastic group-show. Involved are Bohomaz, Czarnobyl, Emess, Evol and Pisa73...


Photos: Emess Stencil Show

There are more than 50 mashups and several other stencil artworks at the “What’s the colour of money?” exhibition by Berlin based street artist Emess. I've watched the show...

Emess – Stencil Art Show

Besides producing a series of cement and wood installations, Emess worked intensively on stencil portraits on issues in the financial world. These are now shown in Berlin...


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