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24ghz project

2.4 GHz – Public Monitoring Art

Benjamin Gaulon creates public monitoring art by installing wireless video receiver in public space to hack into wireless CCTV cameras...!

banksy ideas

Banksy Ideas – Parodying A Street Art Icon

Banksy Ideas is a great parody of the world’s most famous street artist, developing ideas for new, ironic Banksy-like stencil artworks...

MIT Tetris

Tetris Hack: Amazing 90 Meters Tetris Game!

Tetris Hack: 153 windows, 153 pixels - the front of the MIT’s Green Building lit up in a colorful display of the popular puzzler Tetris!


Jeff Soto – Robotic Graffiti Mural

Watch Jeff Soto in an amazing world-first street-art collaboration and check out what an artist and a paint-spraying robot car can create!

mural locator

International Mural Locator

Mural Locator is a simple to use web tool that helps people locate public murals around the world, what makes it useful for next holidays!

Subway Parasite

Subway Parasite: Stealth Light Projector

This subway parasite is an independant projection-system that can be attached to subways and allows projecting films inside a tunnel...

Space Invader in Düsseldorf

Space Invaders in Düsseldorf

Anne Lucht’s visual music clip takes you to Düsseldorf, Germany, introducing a low-res alien gang bopping their heads to Lorenz Rhode’s krautrocky tune.


The Art of Hacking

In short The Art of Hacking combines artists’ technical skills with the optimism to solve problems and the urge to overcome artistic limitations. A must to see for Anonymous fans and hacking enthusiasts...


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