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Berlin Gallery Contest

Idrawalot Exhibition Contest

Always wanted to exhibit in Berlin? Idrawalot Gallery is hosting an exhibition contest, rewarding the top artists with a group show in their showroom!

jeff soto - paris underground

Jeff Soto’s Underground Drawings

Jeff Soto recently explored hidden places around the Metro lines underneath Paris and created some nice underground drawings using nothing more that chalk and his dreams...

aryz hello world

Aryz – Hello World Exhibition

Aryz, one of the most famous urban artists around the world, opened his Hello World exhibition at the Montana Gallery in Barcelona just a few days ago, presenting oil paintings and drawings...

jakob tolstrup - Works of Art

Jakob Tolstrup, Works of Art Exhibition

Last Friday, Danish artist Jakob Tolstrup opened his Work of Art solo-show at Voo Store in Berlin, presenting his latest Berlin inspired drawings and paintings...

prost jokebama

Street Never Ends, Art Never Dies

Mein Lieber Prost or Prost for short, recently opened his first solo-exhibition in Berlin, presenting his latest paintings, drawings and adbustings in a colorful art show! Here are some first photos from the opening ceremony...

roa book insight

Roa’s New Book: First Insights!

First and exclusive insights into the new and limited book Roa: An Introduction To Animal Representation! The book, including sketches and drawings by Roa as well as photos and texts was presented first during his opening in Berlin...


Tika’s Tikathek in Berlin

Last week, Skalitzers Gallery Berlin opened its doors for the a brand-new exhibition by Swiss urban artist Tika, presenting her latest drawings, wood-prints and paintings! Here are some first photos...


Banksy – Child Drawing Series

Famous street artist Banksy is on tour through the USA these days and created a new series of impressing artworks, called “Banksy’s Child Drawing Series”...


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