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Art Prints, Facade Painters, Paper Toy & Blackbook Insights

It’s time for some urban art link-tips again! In the last days I stumbled upon a great documentary about facade painters, the +Pool project in New York, a nice DIY paper toy folding-guide and some more nice urban art news...


Dave the Chimp – DIY Skate & Paint Device

After that nice Spray Paint Skateboard Interface by D*Face became popular (just check e.g. hypebeast, ukstreetart, urbanshit or welikethat) well-known, Berlin-based urban artist Dave the Chimp created his own DIY Skate & Paint...


DIY Recycle Spray-Can

Eco is trend and for that reason there are also people in street art and graffiti developing techniques to DIY-recycle e.g. spray-cans. A very good example is the low-tech Splay project by Narcelio Grud from Brasil...


Detroit – Decayed Buildings & DIY Paradise

Detroit is well-known around the globe for its abandoned areas and the decayed old buildings. Now, Johnny Knoxville explores the new creative generation which uses those places to create something new!


Os Gêmeos Interview

The Os Gêmeos twins are famous around the world for their fine graffiti characters and their pixação-influenced writing style. This is an interview with them...


Eye Candy #14: Porcelain Spray-Can, Toilet Graffiti & Paint-Roller Skateboards

For all those who eventually missed some interesting things: The fourteenth edition of urban art eye candy includes again interesting street art link-tips and some nice urban art photos! Take a look...


Street Art Cookbook

How many different street art techniques are used by urban artists around the world? Well, I don’t know, but there’s the new Street Art Cookbook out now!

diy america - graffiti series

Graffiti Series: DIY America

The producers of “DIY America”, which is the successor of the popular “Beautiful Losers” movie, recently published a new series about graffiti...


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