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Quintessenz Creation feat. Danny Doom

Doomessenz – Massive Canvas Collaboration

berlin-based urban artists Danny Doom and Quintessenz Creation just opened their collaboration exhibition at OZM Gallery in Hamburg. Here’re some impressions from the setup...

Modern Dopeness - Illustration Styles

Modern Dopeness – Contemporary Berlin Illustration Styles

Next month, Danny Doom, Hr.v.Bias, Ink-a-zoid and other Berlin-based artist present their latest Berlin illustration works in one show: Modern Dopeness!

Collaboration show in Hamburg

Quintessenz Creation feat. Danny Doom

Danny Doom and Quintessenz Creation are going to rock Hamburg city with their upcoming art show at OZM Gallery, presenting their latest collaboration works...

danny doom painting

Danny Doom vs. Flamat

Celebrate this last doomed year 2012 together with urban artist Danny Doom and illustrator Flamat, who recently opened their pair-exhibition at Neonchocolate Gallery in Berlin!

living room art tour

Danny Doom Living Room Art Tour

Living room art adds warmth – you can read that in every interior design mag. For that reason and because some people will probably call it the most brilliant invention since there are...

sair photographed by thias

Urban Art Recap, September 2011

IBUg photos, the Mode2 exhibition in Berlin, a Banksy piece by Brad Downey, a doomsday photo-series and the new Blu mural in Cologne - These are the most popular posts on Urbanartcore from September...

danny doom in action

Doomsday: Danny Doom in Action

Danny Doom started with graffiti, got into painting and traditional design till he ended up mixing traditional and digital art. I took some photos of him in action during the IBUg 2011 preparation week...


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