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44flavours feat. Clemens Behr

Berlin-based urban design duo 44flavours and urban artist Clemens Behr just teamed up to create a massive wood and cardboard collaboration!

clemens behr and romain froquet - paris

Clemens Behr & Romain Froquet – Paris Installation

The two urban artists Clemens Behr and Romain Froquet got together in 2011 to create some inspiring installations in Paris using nothing more than cardboard, wood, paint and yarn...


Clemens Behr – Urban Places & Spaces

In my eyes, German artist Clemens Behr was one of the top urban artist around the globe in 2011. He just published this video review you shouldn’t miss to watch - amazing stuff!

inside clemens behr

Inside a Clemens Behr Installation

Clemens Behr is well-known for his cardboard street installations not just in Europe. Recently he created a massive, accessible new installation in the show-room of Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin. Awesome!


Simplicity in Urban Art

Simplicity is often difficult, usually undefined and always rare. That fact is examined by the Simple is Rare exhibition at Berlin’s Neurotitan Gallery, presenting a group of talented young urban-influenced artists!

clemens behr - cardboard installation

Clemens Behr, New Cardboard Installations

Well-known German urban artist Clemens Behr recently updated his online portfolio, presenting his latest cardboard installation artworks he created in Amiens, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Malmo! Take a look...


Clemens Behr, NY Cardboard Installations

German abstract urban artist Clemens Behr visited New York City in June and left behind several nice abstract cardboard installations in East Village, China Town, Soho and Brooklyn! Check out this short documenting video...

graffiti city

Graffiti City

Tag’n’Tof is a French participatory urban art installation project. Organized by the PhotoGraff Collectif 100 graffiti artists were recently invited to paint a city made of paper, cardboard and monochrome photos!


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