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Jeff Soto – Robotic Graffiti Mural

Watch Jeff Soto in an amazing world-first street-art collaboration and check out what an artist and a paint-spraying robot car can create!


Crash Art – Mr Dheo

Dedicates mostly to photo-realistic creations, Portuguese urban artist Mr. Dheo addresses car crashes with lethal consequences in his latest painting on a scrap yard...


Daim, Loomit & Opel Corsa

Famous German graffiti artists Daim and Loomit cooperate with car-manufacturer Opel on the new Opel Corsa campaign 2011. Their backgrounds are the creative eye-catchers of the new car advert...


Car Tagging meets Breast Cancer!?

I can’t believe it. A car-manufacturer invites a former graffiti artist to advertise for a breast cancer awareness foundation?! Anyway, I love that flow and style and tagging a car is cool as well!

Graffiti meets Cars: “Wash Me” Book

Get a free issue of the “Wash Me” graffiti car book, which documents the creative celebration of Mini’s 50th birthday. Featuring Seak One, Smash137, Tika and other well-known artists...

Urban Car Art by Mini

Last Year, Mini celebrated its 50th birthday with a big art event: 10 artists created their own-styled cars! For some weeks, the corresponding book is published. Take a look...

Mini meets KRink Video

Some days ago, Craig “KR” Costello and Mini presented a nice customized Mini Cooper with stylish silver drips on black metal. Now, a video clip was published...

KRink Styled Mini Cooper

Yeah, it drips! New York-based street artist KR was in Hamburg yesterday and customized a Mini Cooper in his very own style. Here are photos of the “krinked” car...


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