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Greg Papagrigoriou mural

Calligraphica – Hand Drawn Type & Calligraphy

Calligraphica is a nice blog about calligraphy and hand drawn type, presenting contributions by several skilled designers and artists...

Japanese Punk Art

Usugrow – Japanese Punk Calligraphy

With mind bending meticulous detail, Usugrow’s work crosses the line between bad ass and refined elegance, between punk and calligraphy...

style needs no color - book

Style needs no Color – Urban Illustration

Style Needs No Color works on the notion that excessive colors and flashy techniques should not be used to repair a weak foundation. It’s a perfect book for fans of urban-inspired illustration...

arabic graffiti book

Arabic Graffiti

Arabic script has experienced a revival. To celebrate this revelation of beauty the book Arabic Graffiti brings together artists, graffiti writers and typographers from Middle East who merge Arabic calligraphy with urban culture...

Water Calligraphy Device - Nicholas Hanna

Street Propaganda: Water Calligraphy

The Water Calligraphy Device by Nicholas Hanna is a nice, effective and eco friendly way to temporarily spread your street propaganda thoughts in urban environment!


Samy Deluxe Poetry Tagging

Hamburg-based rapper Samy Deluxe, the Typeholics design studio and other creative heads just created a new great music video for his new single Poesie Album. Including some nice tag-styles and calligraphy, this video makes fun!


Arabic Graffiti – Middle East Calligraphy

One of the most inspiring things is to explore alphabets and calligraphy of other cultures. Now there’s a first reference book about Arabic graffiti...


Abstract Calligraphy by Matox

Abstract, calligraphy-inspired paintings aren’t that new, but in my eyes still impressive. A good example are those artworks by Portuguese-French urban artist Nuno de Matos aka Matox!


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