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clemens behr installation

Buff Diss & Clemens Behr in Berlin

Berlin-based urban artists Buff Diss and Clemens Behr created a nice cardboard and tape art installation for the subversive urban art x-mas market which took place last weekend in Berlin! Here’re some photos from the setup...

Buff diss - village underground

Buff Diss, Something from Nothing London

A few days ago, the Make Something from Nothing art event launched in London’s Village Underground, what is why Australian tape artist Buff Diss visited the city and taped a new dope mural...

Urban Artists in Action Flyer

Urban Artists in Action – Exhibition

The upcoming exhibition of my photo-series Urban Artists in Action at Westberlin Gallery in Berlin not just feaures 14 well-known urban artists, but will host a live art performance by internationally well-known street artist Buff Diss who is going to create one of his famous tape art installations during the opening ceremony!


Street Artists in Action: Top Shots 2010

This is my photographically review of 2010. I tried to decide my favorite photos of street artists in action and ended up with this selection. Hope you like it...and happy 2011!


Tape Art: Pool Installation – Buffdiss

Famous tape artist Buffdiss recently started to create a massive tape art installation at the Stattbad in Berlin. For sure I took some flicks to document the progress...


Dido & Aeneas – Tape Art Opera

There is a new tape art series by famous urban artist Buffdiss out there in Berlin’s abandoned areas showing key sequences of the rekown “Dido and Aeneas” opera by Henry Purcell! Great work...


New Abandoned Tape Art, Buffdiss

The latest abandoned artworks by Australian tape artist Buffdiss, combine the power of paint and the straightness of tape and create in that way new experimental series of interesting urban artworks...


Out and About with Nelio & BUFFdiss

After a stressful week with a lot of work, I met up with the Australian tape artist BUFFdiss and the French graffiti artist Nelio, to creatively explore an old, abandoned warehouse in Berlin...


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