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stroke urban art fair 2012, Berlin

Stroke Urban Art Fair 2012, Berlin

Urban art fairs work as parallel universes to the classical art market. This September, Stroke Urban Art Fair 2012 takes place in Berlin!

anti acta - guy fawkes

Anti ACTA – Guy Fawkes in Berlin

ACTA is one more offensive against the sharing of culture on the Internet. In Berlin, the anti ACTA protest includes thousands of people, including several Guy Fawkes...

jakob tolstrup - Works of Art

Jakob Tolstrup, Works of Art Exhibition

Last Friday, Danish artist Jakob Tolstrup opened his Work of Art solo-show at Voo Store in Berlin, presenting his latest Berlin inspired drawings and paintings...


Artconnect Berlin: Artists Network

Artconnect Berlin is a networking platform with the aim to become the online core of the creative community in Berlin, facilitating the flow of information, contact, ideas, jobs and services, promoting the development of artistic projects in Berlin.

Mode2 Offerings

Mode2 Offerings in Berlin!

For his first ever solo exhibition in a Berlin gallery, Mode2 has created a new series of works centered on the female body. His obsession for the subject is ever present throughout his work...

abandoned places in berlin

Abandoned Places in Berlin

With its more or less hidden abandoned factories, buildings and decayed industrial areas Berlin is definitely a playground for urban explorers from all over the globe! Today I’d like to introduce some top-spots to you...


Spree Parade Against Mediaspree

This year’s Spree-Parade was a great success - About 3,000 demonstrating, dancing and raving people protested against gentrification in general and specifically Berlin’s largest property investment project Mediaspree!


DTagno – Train Graffiti Installation

Although this new train graffiti installation by DTagno is somehow crazy, it shows that graffiti artists try to upgrade their tools. The so-called Morphogenetic Field Device creates thin lines on passing by trains and creates in that way interesting effects...


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