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Vinz in Valencia

Urban Micro Gardens, Hidden Shops, Amazing Murals & Awesome Tape Art

The monthly Urban Art Link-Tips feature urban micro gardens, hidden shops, amazing murals, awesome tape art and much more. Check this out!

banksy ideas

Banksy Ideas – Parodying A Street Art Icon

Banksy Ideas is a great parody of the world’s most famous street artist, developing ideas for new, ironic Banksy-like stencil artworks...

P183 Urban Intervention

P183, The Russian Banksy?

Moscow born urban artist P183 was called Russian Banksy. This drew attention to his art and started a debate on the Internet. Read why...

Banksy Stencil Art

Origami Stencil by Banksy?

Is this origami stencil artwork in London a new piece by British street art legend Banksy? It certainly looks that way, but do you think?

banksy bulgaria

Top 5 of Urban Artcore 2011

2011 Recap: Graffiti Wars, train-writing documentaries, Banksy dummies and animal murals - that were this year’s most popular urban art news on Urbanartcore. What a nice year!

extinguisher graffiti

New Banksy, Huge Murals, Edible Spray Paint & a Beer Fountain

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to write about all the great things taking place around the world. This is a small collection of new murals, fantastic sculptures, installations and other dope street art and graffiti things!


Banksy, Myths & Legends

No single living artist has created as many myths, rumours and legends as Banksy. The book Banksy: Myths and Legends by Marc Leverton includes all the stories, myths and legends about the popular street artist...

sair photographed by thias

Urban Art Recap, September 2011

IBUg photos, the Mode2 exhibition in Berlin, a Banksy piece by Brad Downey, a doomsday photo-series and the new Blu mural in Cologne - These are the most popular posts on Urbanartcore from September...


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