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Urbanscreen Sydney Projection

Urbanscreen Lights Sydney Opera House!

German design collective Urbanscreen recently lighted the sails at famous Sydney Opera House, creating an impressing facade motion effect...

adnate in melbourne

Lost Culture: Matt Adnate in Melbourne

Famous Australian urban artist matt Adnate is going to open his Lost Culture exhibition in Melbourne! It’s a must go for those in Australia!

Graffiti Project in Melbourne

Everfresh & Friends Fighting Extinction

The guys, who invented the biggest marker worldwide and created their own graffiti mobile known under the popping name Everfresh, just teamed up with a couple of friends to repaint Melbourne’s infamous ACDC...

roa west australia

Roa in Western Australia

In the last months, famous urban artist and animal painter Roa was able to paint a bunch of great walls in Western Australia. Here are some photos of his latest mural artworks from Perth and Fremantle...

everfresh graffiti truck

The Graffiti Mobile

This fantastic Graffiti Mobile is a dream for every graffiti enthusiast, old or young, talented or not. Famous Australian Everfresh crew (Yes, that are the boys with the biggest marker worldwide!) had the...

Robbie Rowlands - urban cutting

Robbie Rowlands’ Urban Cuttings

Robbie Rowlands is obsessed. He is obsessed by cutting things like houses, rooms or other stuff and explores in that way notions of stability and vulnerability. His artworks are somehow crazy, but also really interesting to look at...


Above’s Street Art Philosophy

Well-known street artist Above just hit the streets of the Australian city Melbourne, creating a new street art philosophy series which now tries to influence people!


Urban Flood Art: Above in Brisbane

Well-known street artist Above got on a plane and flew to the recently flooded city of Brisbane to create a special flood stencil artwork. It’s a good example for the fact that Brisbane becomes an urban art honey pot!


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