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Fin DAC - Canine Feline

Fin DAC’s Female Stencil Art Series

London Art: Fin DAC’s female stencil art series is a great example of what’s possible combining a single-layer stencil and creative skills!

Shock1 - China Heart Noose

Art Censorship – China Censors Heart Noose

China Censors Heart Noose! If you don’t believe in censorship please spread the message in whatever way you can and fight art censorship!

New Vhils Mural

New Vhils Murals in Shanghai

Famous Portuguese urban artist Vhils is in China right now, preparing a new exhibition and creating spectacular Vhils murals in Shanghai...

aryz lisbon gallery

Wooden Installations, X-Rayed Buildings, Graffiti in Japan & an online 1UP

Shortly before X-mas, I again collected the latest street art and graffiti news from around the globe, including wooden installations in Paris, X-Rayed Buildings in Budapest, Graffiti in Japan, the free 1UP movie and more!

Water Calligraphy Device - Nicholas Hanna

Street Propaganda: Water Calligraphy

The Water Calligraphy Device by Nicholas Hanna is a nice, effective and eco friendly way to temporarily spread your street propaganda thoughts in urban environment!


Ghost Wonderland: Abandoned Theme Park

It’s just unbelievable what fantastic abandoned places can be found all over the globe! Recently I stumbled upon this great ghost Wonderland theme park near Beijing, including a castle, Western buildings and other attractions...


Silence for Fukushima

Due to the nuclear disaster in Japan and to show my sympathy with all the victims and missing persons I’ll stop writing new posts on Urban Artcore for one week! It’s my personal week of silence...


Light-Painting in Kazakhstan

Marko from France creates interesting light-paintings. Earlier this year he traveled to Kazakhstan and did some nice light artworks. have a look and be impressed!


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