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Evol Stencil Art in Warsaw

Evol Stencil Art Buildings in Warsaw

Famous stencil artist Evol just hit Warsaw. Together with Monstfur, he created another of his well-known, fabulous stencil art villages!


Graffiti Architecture in Melbourne

ITN Architects created an awesome graffiti architecture building in Melbourne, with a facade incorporating a giant three-dimensional tag!

72 Hour Urban Action

Urbanism: 72 Hour Urban Action

The world’s first real-time architecture competition 72 Hour Urban Action is coming to Stuttgart this July, modifying the city in a big contest. Apply now!

Urban Design and Architecture Film Festival

Urban Design & Architecture Film Festival

A passion for making urban design more exciting, engaging and accessible to the public is the idea behind the urbanism film festival UR{BNE}.

urbanism trends 2012

Urbanism & City Culture Trends 2012

Urbanism is a wide field combing urban design, city culture, technology, and social approaches. The idea is to make urban landscapes a better place to live and here are the trends for 2012...


Berlin-Ostkreuz Documentary

Before the reconstruction of Ostkreuz started, the station was the mother-of-all old-school interchange stations in the Eastern-part of Berlin. This documentary shows some impressions from the good old days...


Urban Spacemag: Only Copy & Paste?

The Urban.Spacemag magazine becomes more and more an authority for subcultural and urban topics. Now they are calling for your contributions...

dubai time lapse

Amazing Dubai Time-Lapse

That time-lapse video portrays the fantastic appearance of the Persian Gulf’s urban crown jewel Dubai. Watch the video and enjoy the impressions...beautiful!


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