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Street Art App for iPhone

Geo Street Art iPhone App

Geo Street Art iPhone App? Yes, this is another app, providing functionality to share and discover street art in New York and London curated by a global network of urban art experts...

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Augmented Reality Tagging – iPhone App

Recently the first augmented reality iPhone app for virtually tagging the street was released! The app called Street Tag allows you to spray-paint walls in real time without fearing arrest and some more...


Apple Store Busting

One year after those great Apple iPad ad-bustings in Berlin, the trendy computer giant is going to open a flagship-store in Hamburg. That’s nothing special – I mean nowadays there are Apple stores...


iPad Busting, Laser Murals, Russian Art Anarchists & Ivy Tags

A lot happened on the streets around the world during the past few Christmas days. Because I had no time to write, I did this small collection of interesting urban art news...


Street Art iPhone App

Have you already heard about that new street art guide app for the iPhone, called “All City”? Its aim is to collect interesting street art spot around the world...


Apple iPad Ad-Busting

Recently, advert posters for Apple’s iPad get busted by unknowns in Berlin. They sticked some explicit pics over the photos as a reference to Steve Jobs’ no porn aim...

Adidas Urban Art Guide Hamburg

Do you know the Adidas Urban Art Guide? It’s an iPhone and Symbian application which guides you through the cities of Berlin and Hamburg and shows you interesting street art spots...

KR Interview

KR recently designed an Apple notebook sleeve in his unique drip-style. This short video, which contains some statements by him, tries to explain, why...


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