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Roa Hedgehog London

New Huge Roa Hedgehog in London

Famous Belgian muralist Roa recently put up a new huge hedgehog on Chance Street in East-London’s Shoreditch! Roa, who visited the British capital again for his Hypnagogia show at Stolenspace Gallery, created in...

roa west australia

Roa in Western Australia

In the last months, famous urban artist and animal painter Roa was able to paint a bunch of great walls in Western Australia. Here are some photos of his latest mural artworks from Perth and Fremantle...

roa book insight

Roa’s New Book: First Insights!

First and exclusive insights into the new and limited book Roa: An Introduction To Animal Representation! The book, including sketches and drawings by Roa as well as photos and texts was presented first during his opening in Berlin...

roa berlin exhibition

Roa Exhibition in Berlin – Photos

Famous Belgian urban artist Roa opened his first Berlin solo-exhibition yesterday at Skalizers Gallery. Again he created a fantastic show, including murals, installations, paintings and drawings presenting animals in his well-known style. Here are some first photos!

roa in berlin

Roa Exhibition in Berlin

His animal graffiti are well-known around the globe, for what reason I’m happy to have him back in town now! Belgian graffiti artist Roa is preparing his first solo-show in Berlin and is also going to paint new murals...


Murals: Roa in Mexico

In the last weeks, famous urban artist Roa lew over the sea for a painting trip in Mexico! The result is that there are a lot of new animal murals and collaboration works in the streets...


WWF Graffiti Animals

Have you ever seen graffiti on wild animals? The latest poster-campaign by the WWF shows tagged animals in their natural surroundings. It’s really whack advert...


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