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Street ad hack - cARTographyTO

Toronto Street Ad Takeover

Ad-busting in Toronto - The cARTographyTO crew just did a nice ad takeover hacked 35 billboards and advertisement street signs in Toronto!

New York Prison

Urban Redevelopment: Buy Your Prison!

The State of New York is hoping to sell its old prisons, what’s a great chance for those craving urban space to spread out. Buy your prison!

MIT Tetris

Tetris Hack: Amazing 90 Meters Tetris Game!

Tetris Hack: 153 windows, 153 pixels - the front of the MIT’s Green Building lit up in a colorful display of the popular puzzler Tetris!

lucie simon silentworld

Deserted Cities: Where Time Stands Still

The Silent World urban photo-series by Lucie and Simon show empty places in deserted cities and make us understand What makes a city a city!

Stephen Wilkes - Highline NYC

Stephen Wilkes’ Urban Photography: Day & Night on a Single Photo!

Well-known photographer Stephen Wilkes documents locations in New York City during day and night on a single photograph: The Day to Night series...

articial reefs - redbird reef

NYC Subway – Redbirds Underwater

Redbirds, those famous cinnabar red NYC subway cars, have been buried about 80 feet underwater off the US east coast to help creating the artificial Redbirds Reef...


Black Hills Not 4 Sale!

Shepard Fairey’s latest mural in Los Angeles calls attention on the many problems of the native’s reservation in the Black Hills! Check this out...


Urban Freestyle Skiing

All.I.Can is a stunning exploratory essay that compares the challenges of big mountain skiing to the challenges of global climate change. And this is the part where JP Auclair shows us urban skiing!


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