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Olek - Yarn Bombed Einstein

Yarn-Bombed Albert Einstein

Guerilla crochet artist Olek recently yarn-bombed the Albert Einstein Memorial at the National Academy of Science in Washington DC...

Toronto Street Art War

Between the Lines – Toronto’s War on Street Art

Between the Lines documents Toronto’s war on street art and features some of the local urban art protagonists. This is the first trailer!

Mr. Brainwash - Life is Beautiful

New York’s First Street Art Auction

New York’s first street art auction is taking place this fall at Doyle New York, featuring art by Banksy, Shepard Fairey, McGee and more!

Boa Mistura Brazil

Painting Favelas: Boa Mistura in Sao Paulo

Spanish urban art crew Boa Mistura went to Brazil earlier this year and beautified a favela in Sao Paulo. This is their video documentary!

Pop-up park Chicago

Urban Gardening: Pop-Up Park Chicago

Pop-up parks are temporary green urban interventions. In Chicago, Joe Baldwin installed such a 280 square meters pop-up park for a few hours!

jr and jose parla in cuba

Wrinkles of the City: Dope JR & José Parla Murals in Havana

There are many murals in Havana, but recently the Cuban capital got some new ones by JR and José Parla, who combined photography and tags!


Augustine Kofie Interview

This is one of the best, if not the best interview I have seen with Augustine Kofie! The graffuturist Kofie was interviewed by MTN in Miami.

street art map argentina

Street Art Map Argentina

Street Art Map is a project dedicated to gathering, locating and preserving the street art movement in Argentina through photographs.


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