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Street ad hack - cARTographyTO

Toronto Street Ad Takeover

Ad-busting in Toronto - The cARTographyTO crew just did a nice ad takeover hacked 35 billboards and advertisement street signs in Toronto!

Vermibus - Kate Moss Nightmare

Vermibus Ad-Busting in Berlin

Vermibus creates amazing ad-bustings using nothing more than fashion model posters (e.g. of Kate Moss) and solvent. He is already going to become Berlin’s most famous ad-buster!

billboard bandits

Billboard Bandits – Outlaw Artists in the Sky

Billboard Bandits - Outlaw Artists in the Sky is a currently fund raising graffiti book about so-called billboard liberators, artists manipulating the ads to fit their own agenda. Make sure to support it now!

OX Artaq Angers tram

Ox Billboard Takeover in Angers

New billboard takeovers by Ox! For the Artaq urban art festival in Angers, Ox created new billboard artworks, adapting their environment!

Vermibus berlin ad takeover

Vermibus Ad Takeover in Berlin

Another advertising takeover recently took place in Berlin! Vermibus transformed several ad posters in light boxes in Berlin’s city. Looks quite interesting...


Neko – NY Light Takeover

New York City based urban artist Neko transforms advert light-boxes into artistic, colorful installations by modifying the lights, windows, etc. Looks damn great and is a good thing to do!

prost jokebama

Street Never Ends, Art Never Dies

Mein Lieber Prost or Prost for short, recently opened his first solo-exhibition in Berlin, presenting his latest paintings, drawings and adbustings in a colorful art show! Here are some first photos from the opening ceremony...

phlegm street art

Postmodern Zombieism, Murals, Interviews & Adbusting

Nychos did some Zombieism in Cologne, Zosen worked on Postmodernism and some dope new mural artworks as well as interviews and adbustings were created...Here are the urban art short news!


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