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daim 3d sand graffiti

Sand Graffiti: DAIM on the Beach

DAIM built his own 3D sand graffiti installation on a beach somewhere in Germany! 6 hours of work, destroyed within 30 minutes by the sea!

remi rough - skull painting

Howto Use Colour & Manipulate People

How to Use Colour and Manipulate People is the latest solo-show by famous abstract graffiti artist Remi Rough. Here are some insights...

Mare139 - metal graffiti

3D Metal Wildstyle Graffiti – Mare139

Subway graffiti legend Mare139 from New York creates brilliant three dimensional metal wildstyle graffiti sculptures. These are some of his latest artworks.


Helios – 3D Projection Mapping

During the Skyway International Light Festival in Poland, the facade projection crew Limelight created a fantastic 3D projection mapping in public space, explaining the story of the heliocentric theory by Nicolaus Copernicus...


L’Atlas Cartons Installation

I just noticed, that French urban artist and master of rectangular shaped calligraphy and geometrically forms L’Atlas (who was recently in Berlin!) created a new public installation in March at the Place du...

Mentalgassi - Berlin street art

Street Art 3.0: Mentalgassi in Berlin

The street art collective Mentalgassi is well-known in Berlin for their large-scale paper artworks, which always show crazy faces. Recently they created a brand-new artwork at Alexanderplatz...

High-Skill 3D Building Projections

Impressive and stylish projections on buildings are a renewing way of communication. Colorful and complex urban light artworks are in line with the trend...

3D Architectural Projection

As you already know, urban light art projections are a passion for me. I like it to see colorful animations on houses, especially when they’re really impressing...


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