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StreetFest in London – Flashback

Somehow I missed the live art event, which took place in London several days ago. But of course I will still write something about it…

“Live art” or “performance art” is where an artist creates a piece of art in front of audience. This experience gives the viewers some insight into the mind of an artist at work, which is not only exciting but thought provoking. StreetFest is the first and only live art street festival in UK.

[vimeo 7247891 StreetFest October 2009, London]

At the beginning of October, over 60 urban artists from a across the artistic spectrum took part in the StreetFest event. There were painters, architects, designers, illustrators, skaters and writers, who expressed themselves during the day through live demos, screenings and shows. Single artists and crews from all over UK interacted with each other.

It seems, that the StreetFest was a great party with a lot of live action, beer and nice people. I don’t know why there had to be so much big labels, ’cause art is something were you could be unique, but fashion labels will make you uniform…So next time please without the big brands…

For more info, visit streetfest.net.

Via verynearlyalmost.com.

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  1. The only two big labels present at the StreetFest were a sports brand A and a watchmaker brand G. They both contribute a lot to the project (well, the former one contributes more). And since the event can’t exactly be called profitable even with support of volunteers bigger companies partner up with the organizers and help make things happen.

    The other fashion presence seen at the festival (‘catwalk’ in the video from 2:02) are small labels (like Lovenskate and Second Son – and yes, I deliberately mention their names) who are really just trying to make it out there and promotion like this is absolutely essential for existence. And I’m not sure how fashion will make us uniform, as you say. Fashion uniqueness in urban culture is what StreetFest strongly promotes. Lines of wear presented during the show are perfectly limited editions which come in small numbers.

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