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Street Artist Interviews

Street Artist Interviews

Interviewing famous Artists: Rero, C215, Show, Vhils, Luzinterruptus

Who are the people, creating these amazing street artworks during night and daytime in the metropolises around the globe? Who are those sometimes masked creative youngsters painting, pasting and above all beautifying our cities for free and usually without permission? Here are the answers!

Public Art Protagonists

For the last years, during the great street art hype between 2004 and 2008 and its gently establishment in the past months, I wanted to get in touch with the protagonists, the street art artists, the creative heads creating sometimes funny, sometimes political street artworks. What I wanted to know was their stories, the reasons and background behind their dedication for public art. I wanted to know faces, wanted to see how they work, wanted to feel the adrenalin – and I started with doing interviews.

I talked to (and photographed) some of leading street art artists and loved their often autonomous but hard way of life. And I started to write others, to get in touch with their thoughts about trendy advert, the crazy art market, the right to help fashion your city and of course their street art projects. The following list is about famous street art artists who decided to give a brief and quick interview, a insight in their artistic life. It’s the start of a great creative story, so make sure to share the following street art interviews with your friends!

Talking to Street Artists

Luzinterruptus, Light Art Interview
The anonymous art collective Luzinterruptus from Spain, caused a great deal of attention with their amazing light art installations they carry out in public spaces. They’re using light as raw material and the night as their canvas…

Street Artist Interviews

Luzinterruptus, Agua que has de beber…

Rero, Visual Aggression Interview
French street art artist Rero became popular through his amazing Image Negation series which can be found in abandoned building through-out Europe…

Street Artist Interviews

Rero, Private Property

News about Street Artist Stuff
Inspired by those two street artists interviews? Make sure to subscribe to our feed and check out the following artists too:

Vhils, Art of Destruction Interview
Born in Portugal, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils became popular in the international street art scene through his unique and very impressing Scratching The Surface artworks, chiseling portraits into walls…

Street Artist Interviews

Vhils in London

Shoe, Calligraffiti Talk
Niels Shoe Meulman, Calligraffiti inventor and one of the most talented hand-writing style artists and calligraphers, is a perfect representative of a modern, street art influenced artist generation…

Street Artist Interviews

Shoe, Different Strokes

C215, Stencil Art Interview
Frenchman Christian Guemy aka C215 developed a certain unique style for the last years and is nowadays probably one of the most well-known stencil artists around the globe…

Street Artist Interviews

C215, Berlin Stencil Art

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