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Maybe you realized in some previous articles, that I’m not really a fan of Apple and for that reason it’s not my intention to promote new Apple products or something like that…

Nevertheless, I would like inform the Apple users who certainly are under my readership – No, you don’t have to out yourself! – that there’s in addition to that urban art guide app, which is available in Berlin and Hamburg, another new street art app for the iPhone. The name of that new street art guide is “All City” and its aim is to collect and present interesting street art spot around the world…

All City is your hand-held guide to street art from around the world. Easily tag and upload street art spots you find and discover new ones you haven’t seen yet. Check out artist bios and share your favorite artwork with friends. Quickly locate nearby galleries for inspiration and find art supplies for when it strikes. Put your scene on the map with All City for the iPhone. (press release)

Yeah, sounds interesting but don’t know anybody who would use this app instead of writing local artists or street art documentarists. What’s your opinion, are those apps useful? Maybe you could convince me…

Via nuart09.blogspot.com.

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  1. I put the Adidas app on my ipod touch for my latest trip to Berlin. It’s cool to use it to see about some places to check out, but since my ipod needs wifi to stay connected to the maps function I can’t use it when I’m on the street. However, I like it target where to go searching. On the other hand, there’s so much here you just have to walk around the right areas and it’s easy to find stuff.

    I would prefer writing to local artists or documentarists, but I really wouldn’t know where to start. I did some research before heading to Geneva to find some info, but it was all in French anyways, and an app would have been a big help (but I found some cool walls anyways). Also, street art can be flux in different cities and having an app with dated pictures can at least give you idea if a wall has been repainted or if stuff is still there.

    I love your website by the way.


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