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Stencil Art: Dash3Ultra & Mittenimwald

Last Friday, the two Hamburg-based stencil artists Dash3Ultra and Mittenimwald opened their urban art exhibition at ATM Gallery in Berlin. Both artists are well-known on the streets of the Hanseatic city and that’s why I decided to join the vernissage. It was a really nice evening with nice people and of course some rather interesting artworks…

Although Mittenimwald’s stencil style reminded me a bit of some of these overloaded artworks by Shepard Fairey and the pixel style by Dash3Ultra seems not working that good behind glass as it normally does on the streets, I could suggest you to visit the “Quantomirokaze²” exhibition! The reason for that is their completely contrary, interesting technique of spraying stencils, which makes it possible to directly compare what different things are possible to do with the same tools…

Here are some of the photos I took – you can find more on Flickr!
By the way, I heard that they put some things on the walls in Kreuzberg…

Stencil Art: Dash3Ultra & Mittenimwald
Stencil Art: Dash3Ultra & Mittenimwald
Stencil Art: Dash3Ultra & Mittenimwald
Stencil Art: Dash3Ultra & Mittenimwald
Stencil Art: Dash3Ultra & Mittenimwald
Stencil Art: Dash3Ultra & Mittenimwald

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  1. where is the resemblance to sherpard? does he own 1 layer stencils using colors of red/black/white?
    you could just as easily say the same with misstic in mind- with the naked girls theme here (who’s style i prefer of all 3 :P ).

    one-layer stencils, iconic images and the propaganda style went hand in hand way before shepard was born.
    having said that, heads up for the articles on this site, i am an avid reader.

  2. Of course, you are right – Fairey doesn’t own that kind of style and Mittenimwald’s artworks are not really the same as his but the resemblance was the first which came into my mind while taking the photos…

    And in the end it doesn’t even matter whether the style is exactly the same or not but it’s important what the people associate with your artworks.

  3. Sexist exhibition! Why do you push it?

  4. There are three things I said:
    First, it is a pity that Dash’s artworks are glassed, because I think both is incompatible with one another.
    Second, Mittenimwald’s artworks reminded me of some artworks by another artist, but third it’s a must to see that exhibition by two well-known Hamburg-based stencil artists, because their style works really great with each other – that’s why I like the collaboration artworks most.

    So please don’t get me wrong…

  5. Love the works of Mittenimwald. Sure it has some resemblances to Fairey’s work, but it seems that comes from sharing the same inspiration to some degree; propogande posters. But by just looking at these works (and knowing some of his previous stuff) it’s clear that he gets his inpsiration from loads of different directions and not just propoganda posers; dia del muerte, pop art, comic books, etc, etc. Anyhow, good stuff!

  6. cool i know SUPER from “Gängeviertel” in hamburg. its my my mobile desktop since years…i like the skull ;-) its a little bit different to that one….and sorry for my english…its to late and a little alcohol

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