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Seattle Street Art

Seems like almost every more or less bigger city, like New York, Berlin, London, or Valencia has already its own street art book. Of course they have different formats, qualities and focuses, but in the end each of those books gives a brief overview about what’s happening in streets.

Today I bumped into Seattle Street Art by A. Tarantino, which was published earlier this year and includes about 100 colorful pages, documenting a small part of Seattle’s street art life…

The following is a small window into this temporary world that’s constantly being revised in a flux of new symbols. It’s a snapshot of work on the Seattle streets over about a 3 year period, a visual capsule in time, not a comprehensive representation of Seattle street art and the people involved over the years. (book description)

Probably a good start for those haven’t been to Seattle yet or for those wanna look back… For more info check out www.seattlestreetart.com.

Seattle Street Art

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  1. I have been making street art in Seattle for over 7 years. I am featured in this book and I think it is horrible. Many of these street/graffiti artists can easily be found on flickr and elsewhere online and are prolific, working artists. My name is plainly written on the sticker but I’m not listed in the back of the book or anywhere else. Obviously I don’t expect any kind of compensation, but what the fuck? MY NAME IS RIGHT THERE ON THE STICKER. I don’t know of anyone who was contacted about this until after the book was done, and then it was just some message posted in the Seattle Street Art flickr group about how a book about Seattle street art was coming out……featuring Swoon and Obey. I don’t understand the title- Swoon? Shepherd motherfucking Fairey?! Snapping a photo of art and selling it when you have no real connection to the community and nothing to add to the conversation? Why? What the fuck? It should have just been called “My book of pictures I took of some graffiti I saw that happened to be in Seattle” or “my flickr stream on paper.” Because this is not “Seattle Street Art.” This book does not represent me or what I know to be the local street/art/graffiti scene in any meaningful way. But maybe he can get it sold at Urban Outfitters.

  2. Hello Everyone, I’m the photographer/editor of the Seattle Street Art Book documentation project that Sirkullay mentioned above.

    This artist has been hating on this book all over the place…

    Here is my response to her that I’ve posted in other locations:

    Everyone has an opinion and I’ve been very grateful for the support that I’ve received before during and after putting this book together. It’s certainly true that you can’t make everyone happy no matter how good your intentions are or how much money you spend.

    I read your insightful tumbler post at the link above and I was surprised at the assumptions and negativity, but I understand the authors perspective, with total respect. I was not contacted about my intentions in producing the book before the post was written, although they are pretty clear in the books introduction, but I’ll provide more detail here:

    - Because nothing existed in print for our city and the medium is so temporary, I was encouraged by many to document Seattle street art/graffiti/etc. by publishing my original photos. In time I realized that I had a responsibility to do so and I was in a position to make it happen.

    - My passion and appreciation for public art inspires me creatively and I express this through my own art and photography. Each photo in the book shows public art in it’s surroundings. Elements within the photos convey ideas not expressed in the individual art being photographed. This combination is intended in my photos and I take it seriously. My understanding of this particular subject is real, I’ve done street art, put up in Seattle and usually put up wherever I’m traveling. Note that not one photo in the book includes an image of the space needle, to illustrate part of my point.

    - The book cost money and time to produce. Most of all monetary gain is given to a national youth charity that is very active in the Northwest ( http://www.SOSOutreach.org ). This is stated in the book and on http://www.SeattleStreetArt.com clearly (but not in Sirkullay’s post unfortunately).

    - I spent a lot of time sourcing the artists that were in my photos and I know that I was unable to credit them all (the book has 100 photos). It’s unfortunate that Una didn’t end up in print and feels left out but I have added her links to http://www.SeattleStreetArt.com, now that I am aware of it. The photos of her work in the book do however clearly show her moniker.

    - I didn’t include much copy because I don’t feel that I, or anyone else, is an expert. I let the images speak for themselves.

    - I use any means necessary to help gain exposure and education of reclaiming public space, public art and the artists involved. This is why I’m spending money on reserving, building and maintaining http://www.SeattleStreetArt.com which links this flikr pool as well as the work of many artists in Seattle and elsewhere. This includes the use of tags on various websites. More people are now aware of what’s really going on in Seattle because of this book.

    I’m willing to consider updates to http://www.SeattleStreetArt.com so that it best serves the community. This includes adding and removing links to artists who want to be added or excluded.


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