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RIP Street Art – Robbo Exhibition

Yesterday, London’s Pure Evil Gallery opened its doors with a lot of hype and TV cameras for the “New Paintings” exhibition by famous Banksy-basher and old school graffiti artist Robbo. Of course I visited the opening and took some shots of the paintings, including a lot of drips, colors, paint and kitsch, but I’m still unsure what to think about that exhibition…

I talked to some people and asked them what they think about Robbo’s paintings and stencil artworks and one of them told me that the whole exhibition is maybe a big fake. Although it’s not the Anti-Banksy exhibition I’d expected, Robbo may wants to show how easy (and in that way stupid) it is to create street-art-like artworks in his opinion.

But who knows?! I haven’t spoken to Robbo, so please take a look at my photos and make up your own mind. The comment area is awaiting your thoughts, feelings and explanations!

RIP Street Art   Robbo Exhibition
RIP Street Art   Robbo Exhibition
RIP Street Art   Robbo Exhibition

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  1. mmm I’ve just watched ur pics on Flickr and I’ve to say I don’t like Robbo’s style… thinking about it’s 20 years is doing art… I was expecting much more. Good to don’t be there yesterday.

    And…. a lot of peace symbols in his works…. and a lot of hate in his words…. don’t like this.

    but all is just my opinion

  2. Yeah didn’t hear great things… Shame really, I’m a sucker for the old school.

  3. uhhhh

    from the amount of work that’s gone into the pieces I’d say this is not a joke, or an attempt to make street art look stupid

    I think it’s just another example of a graffiti artist making bad paintings

    Some artists write graffiti, but I’ve yet to see a graffiti writer make good art

  4. I think that considering robbo has been inactive on the graffiti scene since the early nineties and never done this kind of art before the show was a sucess. Not only did he show that street art type stuff is easy to come up with but he also showed some graffiti stuff like the infamous R throwup in a digitalised form could be something for any art collectors wall.

    It seems to me that when most of the comments are negative about art-work then in actual fact it has done a good job of upsetting what people thought they were going to get…70% good, 10% really good, 20% shit.

  5. i think robbos art is amazing hes a really artist and has amazing talent everyone has different tastes but i think the guys paints are amazing

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