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Physical Graffiti by Mare139

Physical Graffiti by Mare139

New York-based artist Carlos Mare, aka Mare139, is going to open his first solo-show in Berlin tomorrow! Entitled Physical Graffiti, the show will not present his crazy 3D metal wildstyle graffiti, but his latest paintings and drawings focusing on the art of the B-boy dance…

Mare began his creative career during the formative era of NYC subway painting between 1975-1985, appearing in the original cult classic documentary Style Wars in 1982. Growing up against the landscape of hip-hop in its evolution, he charted a new discourse about the role and aesthetic of the art form as sculpture in the public space, beginning with letter-based works and progressing to a more modernist interpretation of the graffiti form. Internationally exhibited and collected, his sculptural works are among the most innovative of the post NYC subway graffiti movement.

In 2005, Mare returned to an exploration of the line, introducing a series of Bboy studies inspired by the movement of the Bboy dance and its symbiotic relationship with other improvisational forms of expression born from rhythm, gesture and style.

Mare’s Bboy works marry the abstract, gestural nature of graffiti writing with the motion of the Bboy dance, effortlessly capturing the essence of the subject in new symbolic, linguistic, and spatial formulations. Similar to the constant evolution of a writer’s style, Mare’s studies continue to evolve, as he further explores subjects, mediums and styles. (Skalitzers)

Today I was able to get a first sneak peek at Skaliters Gallery. Here are some of my impressions, for those who can’t make it tomorrow evening…

Physical Graffiti by Mare139
Physical Graffiti by Mare139
Physical Graffiti by Mare139
Physical Graffiti by Mare139
Physical Graffiti by Mare139

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