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Panos Sklavenitis – No Signal in Athens

Panos Sklavenitis   No Signal in Athens

It’s running not that well for Greece at the moment – you all know that – but it looks like that at least artists like Pavlos Tsakonas keeo on working for a better future…

Today I came across the fantastic No Signal mural, painted by Panos Sklavenitis in Athens and have to say that I loved it at a first glance! Practically you could describe it as a perfect metaphor for the interrupted connection between politics and people – I don’t know whether this or something similar was the artist’s intention, but I’m pretty sure many people will understand it like that. Or what do you think?

Via e-mail and panossklavenitis.blogspot.com.

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  1. I am writing this because i see that we have a miss understanding about our murals in Athens and who painted them etc etc. You already know that people who gave their ideas for those murals didn’t paint at all. So please , when you are writing that Panos Sklavenitis painted the mural “No signal” and when you write that Panos Tsakonas did the “he is praying for us” think again . Because as you also already know, behind those murals we( Manolis Anastasakos and Kretsis brothers) we were painting and doing all the great work everybody see today. So please inform the people for the composers who composed the ideas but never forget the painters who really made this happen . Because those people had the idea, but the image everybody see is ours. I am sending you the video from the NO SIGNAL mural just for you to be sure that we did this, we painted those walls and not Tsakonas and Sklavenitis. Everybody can claim with words everything ,but when the images talk you can be sure that this is the only truth! I respect there ideas but they must respect and our murals.

    With my kind regards

  2. http://www.doctv.gr/page.aspx?itemID=SPG1614

    the video from “NO SIGNAL” mural in Athens

    Video : Manolis Anastasakos in collaboration with Doc TV

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