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Church Graffiti: Paint Your Faith

Today, Aaron sent me a nice e-mail, calling attention for an interesting urban painting action by four world-renowned aerosol artists – Faith47 from South Africa, Titi Freak from Sao Paulo, Peeta from Italy, and Indigo, a local artist!

Religious Street Art? WTF?

The event was organized and the four artists have been invited by the United Church of Canada. The urban artwork is a part of their ongoing national “Paint Your Faith” campaign…

Paint Your Faith is a community initiative to bring together street artists from around the world to spiritually and visually demonstrate their interpretation of faith as one unified unique piece of expression. More importantly, the mural in turn becomes a new gathering place for the community to create dialogue about life, spirituality and art while beautifying the surrounding milieu. (About Paint Your Faith)

Of course, Faith47, Titi Freak, Peeta and Indigo did a nice mural artwork, but why for the church? Has the church – like other big companies – recognized the marketability of street art and graffiti, or why are they working together with artists? What do you think?

Church Graffiti: Paint Your Faith

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  1. Yeah. This event is kind of weird, even if the wall looks great. Hopefully some of the comments on this post will clear things up – http://blog.vandalog.com/2010/04/paint-your-faith/. One of the event organizers explains their take on what the event is about, and I counter with the fact that the event is definitely sponsored 100% by the recruiting arm of this church, something which the artists may have been misled about. Also, the organizer looks like of stupid when he claims that the artists are not “graffiti artists” but then his own website refers to them as graffiti artists. So that was fun to point out.

  2. I have to say, having been there through the event, that was the least effective recruiting drive ever. At no point did anyone even bring up religion in a conversation, just lots of discussion on the state of the DTES.

  3. RJ – none of the artists were mislead about the church’s involvement. But as none of us are religious, the project was from our perspective not about the church but about getting to work together on a nice big wall and create something that is beautiful and meaningful for ourselves and for the community.

    For me personally, faith is so much bigger than any religion or organization. It was interesting to be able to explore my spirituality on such a large canvas, incorporating four very different styles and interpretations. And more than anything else, it really was about giving back to my community. The wall is just a couple blocks away from my studio. It was really great to see people from the neighborhood walking by the wall and smiling, and to feel their gratitude for something like this happening in a part of town that needs color and light more than any other.

  4. Does anybody know of a christian urban magazine with grafitti artwork and airbrush work. i saw this magazine while i was in prison. It had a black guy on the front holding a chain. It also had a article with LL Cool J and his kids. It had a picture im lookin for with a kid pullin a gun from his waistline wearin a phillies hat and vapors underneith him. If you turn the picture upside down its Jesus`s Face. I would appreciate it if somebody would know what im looking for thanx!

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