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No Pants Subway Ride 2011

After 2009 and 2010 it’s time for another “No Pants Subway Ride”! Again, the New York based Improv Everywhere group calls for participation:

As in years past, there are No Pants Subway Rides happening in cities around the world on January 9, the same day as our annual event in New York. If your town has a subway system or some form of mass transportation (bus? trolley?), then get involved and organize your own ride…

Until now there are also planned subway rides without pants Europe, for example in London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Lisbon and Zurich. Take a look at the regularly updated list of participating cities to get to know whether your city is already part of this global event! And please mind the gap…

Via nerdcore.de.

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  1. Anyone who particpates in the juvenile, adolescent phenomenon called: ‘the no pants subway ride’, is either a hipster or an “honorary” hipster .

    What a bunch of decadent, pomo, MTV era, trendy confomist, spoiled brats those exhibitionists are ! Showing off their butts, like a bunch of junior high adolescent twits .

    Freaking hipsters are crass, bourgeous spoiled brats . Scions of decadent , t.v. influenced affluence .

    Contrary to popular opinion , there are NOT two or more valid sides to every issue.

    Contrary to popular opinion, so-called “shades of gray” are NO subsitute for accuracy and Truth !

    The goofy, crass, pro-hipster opinions deserve NO respect whatsoever . To respect a pro-hipster , crass opinion is to be guilty of selling out (sellout thinking) .

    Contrary to popular opinion , a middle ground of namby-pamby balance , is NEVER any substitute for pure , untramelled integrity !

    It is long past high time to rain a deluge down on the trendy parade of the evil, postmodernist MTV Generation , and wash it off the proverbial road .

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