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New Street Art by Roadsworth

Street art belongs on the road – The Canadian urban artist Roadsworth takes this literally. He paints directly on the streets and uses thereby pre-existing things like road markings.

Since about 2001, he reinterprets various elements of the urban landscape with his original street art. His unique style of his interventional painting, makes him popular around the globe.

Peter Gibson (Montreal, Canada) otherwise known as “Roadsworth”, looks to street lanes, crosswalks, and traffic markers as the inspiration for his painterly interventions. In what he refers to as “Pedestrian Street Art”, Gibson employs humble materials of stencils and spray paint to turn the street into his canvas. The resulting work re-fashions the all too familiar signage of streets and sidewalks, creating a whimsical new twist on civilian wayfinding. (press release)

Some days ago, photos of new street artworks were published. Their were done by Roadsworth in conjunction with the “South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art”, showing transformed crosswalks, extended paired yellow traffic lines and customized parking areas.

I like Roadsworth’s profound artworks – he is my man! For more infoabout him, check his website.

New Street Art by Roadsworth
New Street Art by Roadsworth
New Street Art by Roadsworth
New Street Art by Roadsworth
Urban Interventions by Roadsworth

Via woostercollective.com.

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