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Mural Art: Madrid is Blu!

One of my favorite urban artists, the Bologna-based painter Blu is known for his large-scale, surreal but always meaningful pictures in the public space. With his most recent mural artwork in Madrid he becomes part of the mural art trend I identified in the last days…If you don’t know what I mean, check out the new mural artworks in Lyon, Antwerp, Lisbon and Wroclaw!

His very playful and comic-style pieces often carry a political or moral statement, yet without being patronising. (about Blu)

In my opinion, Blu’s new work is a bit different than his previous creations. I don’t know whether I’m right or not, but it seems that his mainly black and white style made way for more colors. Also there are some more picture elements than usually. Nevertheless, it’s a nice mural, although I don’t really understand the deeper meaning. The reason for this could be that I don’t know the imaged logo…Maybe one of you could help me?

Mural Art: Madrid is Blu!

Via ekosystem.org.

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  1. Madrid is always plenty of works. There are always trenches everywhere. The day Danny Devitto visited the city said “I hope you find the treasure you’re digging for”.

    Madrid symbols are “El oso y el madroño” (A bear and a… strawberry tree?). The picture resembles the tree being cut by a worker.

  2. aha, thanks a lot!

  3. Blu is able to send his message wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing package. Sometimes an artists agenda gets in the way of creating a visually appealing piece, but Blu’s murals are successful in both areas. Thank you for posting these images.

  4. In my opinion, the main intention of this mural of blu is to highlight the problem that have the city of Madrid, a non-stop dynamic of construction works and where it seems that green areas have no place to be (symbolized by the felling of the tree).

    Greetings from Madrid.

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