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Manolis Anastasakos: Praying in Athens

Manolis Anastasakos: Praying in Athens

When I stumbled upon the huge new mural by Manolis Anastasakos and the Kretsis crew in Athens two days ago, I was highly impressed – and not just me! For example on Facebook, the Albrecht Dürer inspired 600m² (!) mural with the catchy name He, is praying for us, got about 370 likes within two days, for what reason I can’t ignore it anymore and have to post about the great upside down version of Dürer’s Praying Hands, Manolis and his friends created in the last days…

The disability of the politicians to solve problems,or to be fair, have create a system that destroys our values and of course art. This artwork is a sarcastic statement that god is the only solution left for us.

In my eyes, this detailed mural is a great comment on the social, economical and political crisis taking place in Greece and Europe these days! And hey, it looks just great…

As Pavlos Tsakonas just wrote me, he is the head behind that fantastic piece of work. He wrote: The painting is a project of mine that won the 2nd prize in the contest painting on blind walls of blocks of flats held by greek Ministry of Environment. Its transferring on the wall was assigned on a technical company, individual members and co-operators of which you already mention.

Via Facebook and Ekosystem.

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  1. Sorry guys but there is an unfortunate misunderstanding here. This is Pavlos Tsakonas artwork. Anastasakos was just a random guy who worked for this project. Athens school of fine arts gave the 3rd prize to Tsakonas for this work. Anastasakos is just spreading the rumor that this is his work. No hard feelings, nothing in person with anyone BUT the truth MUST be told!!

    Check for yourselves: http://www.m-anastasakos.com/

    Have a nice day

    • yeah, I know, that’s why it’s written in the article…read the Update…but thanks!

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