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L’Atlas in Berlin – Action, Photos, Exhibition!

Urban Art Show | Famous French urban artist L’Atlas used, as some of you already know, the last couple of days to prepare some new artworks for his upcoming show at Skalitzers Contemporary Gallery in Berlin!

For this new series L’Atlas combined stamping, painting and taping to create a new style of multi-layered abstract typography in black and white, which plays with the viewer…

Seeking a universal form of urban communication, L’Atlas invents a new language for global mega-cities, a language of signs as much as words. Beginning with the tag in the early 1990s, L’Atlas went on to study Arabic calligraphy with classic and modern masters in Morocco, Egypt and Syria, taking particular inspiration from traditional Kufic calligraphy – the oldest calligraphic form of the Arabic scripts. [...] The rectangular shapes of the Kufic script are applied to the Latin alphabet to create his own typography, in which he writes his name as a labyrinth. Within his script, each shape is a letter, and each letter a shape – making each message both enigmatic and aesthetic. (Skalitzers)

I had the chance to catch up with L’Atlas to photographically document him in action and the development progress of some of his latest artworks! Some selected photos are available on my urban art photography project site, more can be found on Flickr!

Those of you being in Berlin should definitely visit the exhibition opening tonight and say hello! Doors will be open around 7pm and I think the artist himself will also be around…

L’Atlas in Berlin   Action, Photos, Exhibition!
L’Atlas in Berlin   Action, Photos, Exhibition!L’Atlas in Berlin   Action, Photos, Exhibition!
L’Atlas in Berlin   Action, Photos, Exhibition!
L’Atlas in Berlin – Action, Photos, Exhibition!
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