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Urban Wood Art: Is “Back to the Roots” Trend?

“Holz51” is a great name for that “back to basics” collaboration of the two well-known Berlin-based urban art and design collectives Klub7 and 44Flavours. Some days ago, the corresponding art exhibition opened at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin…

44Flavours as well as Klub7 are popular for their incomparable style and the alternative ways in creating their artworks. Their art is by and large unique in the German urban art scene, what makes it every time interesting to see what they created new…

When I visited the show yesterday, I was really impressed by the interesting installations and crazy paintings. One reason why I like the exhibition is, that every single artwork is based on lost properties, especially on wood, which gives an very special character to each artwork.

“44flavours & Klub7 work in parallel creative universes independently utilizing similar methods and creating kindred naiv works. They met in Berlin in 2008 and together they formed the lucky numbers 51.

In the upcoming exhibition at Neurotitan they are going to tell stories inspired by an ever evolving street element. Together they will create collages using elements of the city extracted: doors, planks of wood, window frames and other random found objects, all of which will be painted and illustrated on by the two artist groups.” (press release)

Here are some photos, I’d taken at the show. For more, visit my photo-stream on Flickr.

Urban Wood Art: Is “Back to the Roots” Trend?
Urban Wood Art: Is “Back to the Roots” Trend?
Urban Wood Art: Is “Back to the Roots” Trend?
Urban Wood Art: Is “Back to the Roots” Trend?
Urban Wood Art: Is “Back to the Roots” Trend?
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