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Urban Art Core is an fresh, independent street art, urbanism, graffiti and urban exploring magazine. We’re looking for fresh and relevant partners and supporters, urban artists and the latest news from the streets around the globe! Interested? Contact us.

Urban Art Core is mainly focused on stories, news and actions taking place in urban environment. The kickass street art and graffiti blog was founded by Brenna Urban in 2009 as an international, inspirational source for urban art from around the globe and provides for that reason your daily dose of news about street art, graffiti, propaganda art and interventions just as urbanism, exhibitions and urban exploring.

The Urban Art Core community has steadily grown over the last years and especially topics like graffiti, street art, guerilla art and urban exploring were successfully established.


The vision of Urban Art Core is to become one of the most relevant sources for urban related news and info for urban art enthusiasts like you and me, urban-inspired designers, graffiti-lovers and young creatives from around the world! Many of the about 41,000 monthly website visitors, 1,700 RSS feed subscribers, 1,900 Facebook fans and 4,900 Twitter followers reside in major metropolitan areas in Europe, Northern America, Russia and Australia.

We’re looking for fresh and relevant galleries and artists to collaborate with, spreading our urban voice loud and clear to metropolises far and wide to celebrate the modern, contemporary urban culture, since 2009.


In the past we’ve worked with a number of galleries and artists, who became not just friends, but inspirational parts of our lives, as well as companies which supported our activities, including Montana Cans, Publikat Publishing, Gestalten Publishing, From Here To Fame Publishing.


Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in working with us or if you like to share urban art related news. We’re always happy to exchange thoughts and ideas for collaboration, support and features. Please contact us using our contact form!

Urban Art Core, March 2012


Urban Art Core is your independent, international source for street art, graffiti and urbanism from around the world, mainly focused on stories, news and actions taking place in urban environments.

It spreads the urban Berlin voice loud and clear to metropolises far and wide and celebrates the urban arts, urban exploration movement and guerilla art interventions with news about artists, trends and exhibitions, since 2009.

Four Years Ago...

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