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Graffiti Wars: Banksy vs. Robbo

Ha, right after I posted about Banks’s upcoming Antics Roadshow I spotted another hot program tip for this weekend:

Graffiti Wars is an urban art documentary examining street art and graffiti, and the creative tensions and conflicts within this artistic arena. It’s the story of the ongoing Banksy vs. Robbo battle…Just remember the RIP Street Art exhibition Robbo did last year…

At street level a bitter war is being waged between graffiti writers, street artists and the authorities. While graffiti writers face trial and prison sentences for their art, some street artists’ work is lauded and protected behind Perspex.

This seems to be quite interesting and worth to watch! As Channel4 announced this documentary will also be online as soon as possible after broadcast…

Graffiti Wars: Banksy vs. Robbo is online – Watch it now!

Via graffititv.net and channel4.com.

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  1. Banksy going down in the opinion poles…..
    I got the knot

  2. Robbo? Never heard of you, never seen your effort you call Art. Is this not another creative mind provoking work of art, not from the can, but from film.

    Banksy – your a legend, your creativeness in capturing the real life in a film.

    Well done :-)

    • robbo doesnt do art, he does graffiti, he is a graffiti artist, you do not go over a 30 something year old piece and incorporate yours in it, its just not up

      • Wait you said he doesn’t do art but then you incorporate artist into his title……. but anyways its what graffiti artists (i believe it is art) do they tag things to get their name reconized the fact that your talking about it and saying his name means he is succeeding.

  3. Banksy should admit what he done.
    Apologise for what he did.
    As he should for his entire career also.
    I’ve seen more original wall paper.
    Good work Channel 4.
    A well rounded production.
    I hope Robbo gets the credit he deserves.

  4. ur a fucking legend king robbo

  5. @ toesy… google Blek le Rat to see just how “creative” Banksy is, Banksy himself even admitted pretty much that everything he’s ever done with templates is something that Blek did 20 years earlier in Paris.

    After watching the programme last night a lot of people now see Banksy in a different light…

  6. robbo is a thousand times more talented than banksy, i mean seriously who cant use a stencil?!

    Robbo defines what graffiti is all about!

    Big up team Robbo each and every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What happened to robbo? He’s a sell-out for wanting to make money from his “art” which I think looks ridiculous unlike banksy art which looks good
    It’s funny that the more robbo bitches about banksy, the more I like banksy and laugh at robbo – what a tool
    Funny program well worth a look if you want to hear from an old tool from London changing from free expressive graffiti tagger to sell-out wanna-be banksy artist

  8. Listen robbo n banksy have bin at this 4 a long time now. And banksy ur gud but robbo smashed u in belgum wen he craffed that actress FREE HAND next 2 ur stencal work. All iv got 2 say is pick it up banksy ur slacking. And y smash robbo cuz he winning in wars??? I know bout u!!!!!

  9. Banksy is a copycat. Robbo is not a sellout for making some money.

  10. Robbo is Banksy?

  11. Robbo’s work suddenly looks great…. half-capped by Banksy

  12. I think this “war” is bringing about interplay between the two artists that I actually find incredibly interesting, almost as if they were collaborating. I think robbo is making bansky’s pieces even better, and I personally hope that this whole thing escalates even more. Hopefully we’ll get to see some real gnar shit.

  13. Robbo is a fucking joke. I watched that BBC documentary where he complains about Banksy selling out by doing art shows… And then he goes and does an art show. The only problem is his canvas pieces suck. And then he goes on about stencilling, but 99% of what he does is tags. And he’s astounded that people like Banksy pieces more. He’s amazed that political and social commenrary are more widely accepted than “Robbo” slapped up everywhere. He talks shit about Banksy publically and then he gets all butthurt when Banksy strikes back. It’s some sort of huge professional discourtesy that Baksy painted over this old shit tag that was already tagged over prior to him.

  14. Banksy is Batman!

  15. Banksy is not a graffiti artist he’s just some dude who’s made a large some of money copying other people’s creativity, everything he’s ever done is someone else’s work. Robbo is just a graffiti artist, maybe not that great, but completely original and a true graffiti artist who stands by his beliefs about the real meaning of graffiti. Banksy should never be paid for anything he does and should go to prison for vandalism and be taken to the cleaners by Blek. How dare the councils of Britain use tax payers money preserving his shit. The UK councils should be held accountable too. Whatever people may think Robbo he respects the culture and history of the art form where as Wanksy uses it for financial gain, stepping and climbing over anyone in his path! Blek should get some French people to hunt him down and make him pay for the rest of his days. People should wake up, you don’t have to like Robbo but you should all hate and boycot banksy.

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